Stand Alone / Computerized Door Access System

Usage : Door Access Only / Link to Time Attendance and Payroll Purpose.

The computerized door access system is programmable for different time zones. i.e. it can able configure that one group of employees can able to access only during the office hours and other executive group can able to access 24x7, etc.. Also access rights for week ends and public holiday's also can be set.

The computerized door access system can able to link to our Time attendance software to calculate employee lateness, overtime and other management reports.

Then those calculated details can able to link up to our Payroll software automatically.

door access system
door access system
door access system

Available Models

PIN ONLYUser needs to enter the PIN number to open the door
CARD ONLYUser needs to scan the card to open the door
PIN + CARDUser needs to scan the card then enter the PIN number to open the door
Biometric SystemUser can scan their finger to open the door.

Keypad Pin Access

Usually keypad door access will be used as a standalone system for a small office or for a particular room (server room, Director room,...). It is very simple and easy to install & maintain.

  • Use 4 digits secret code to access
  • Multiple sets of code
  • Codes can be reprogrammed easily.

Card Access System

Usually Card Access System comes together with keypad. So the user can have choice of using Card only or Card + PIN for added security

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable Technology
  • High durability
  • Just touch the card to access

Biometric Door Access

Biometric Access System is more secure and highly reliable. Up to 3 fingers can be registered for one person. So if one finger can't use due to injure / too dirty then the user can use another finger.

Biometric system usually comes with keypad and optionally has built-in card reader. So multiple combination can be set like Finger only / PIN + Finger / Card + Finger.

  • Your Finger is a Key. No PIN number / No card to carry
  • High quality optical sensor.
  • Can read cut / swelled / dry finger
  • One person can register 3 fingers

Available Models

Security Door access systems are classified as Stand alone or Computerized. Below is the comparisons for both the systems. You may choose the system as per your requirement.

Stand Alone Door Access Computerized Door Access
Cheaper costCompare to stand alone, little higher cost.
No PC requiredNeed to link to a PC
Purely used for door access security only.User for door access and can monitor employees movements as a report.
Can not link to Time Attendance& Payroll software'sCan link to Time Attendance & Payroll software's.
Time zone settings can't set. As long as valid PIN / card is used the access will be given.Various time zone settings can be done. Different access level settings can be done for different groups of employees.
Either PIN or card only can be used for accessCombination of PIN & card can be used for added access security.
Employees IN & OUT timings can't be viewedEmployees timings can viewed and can generate various kind of reports