Payroll Software Features

Payroll Basic Leave & Staff MasterLeave & Staff Master Payroll Software ReportsHR Modules
Online CPF PALLeave ModuleConcurrent Multi UserPay-slip in Sealed Pay-slip paperCarrier Progression
Online Bank GIROLeave Entitlement based on Join Date/Financial YearDifferent Access levels for different userEmail Pay-slipStaff Traing
IR8A/ IR21 FormsUp to date leave Prorate as MOM RuleMulti ComapnyPayroll Summary ReportStaff Appraisal
IR8A, IR8S, Appendix-A online submission Unpaid leave auto duduct from salary and show in pay-slipLocking payroll period to protect from other userYear to Date Summary ReportStaff Insurance
CDAC / SINDA / MBMF Medical Claim MonitorBackup / RestoreReconciliation / Salary comparison reportStaff Accident
Foreign Worker LevyAnnual Leave / Medical Leave / Child Care Leave etc..Audit Trail - To monitor changes done by other users.Overtime summary reportComapny Asset Holding
Skill Development FundNational Service Leave and CalculationWork Permit / Birthday ReminderFUND / SDF /FWL ReportStaff Bonus Proposal
Monthly / Bi-Monthly / Daily / Hourly PayEmployee Bio-Data with PhotoConfirmation / S.O.C ReminderAllowance / Deduction reportStaff Increment Proposal
Pay by bank GIRO/Cash/ChequeChildren DetailsCustom Report Writer
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Payroll Software Basic:

  • Unlimited employee details, department, section & category settings can be created
  • Employees Photo, personal particulars like address, emergency contact details, foreign address, Bank account details, and EP/WP details can be stored.
  • Monthly, daily and hourly rated employees can be paid monthly or bi monthly.
  • Unlimited user defined allowance can be created & assigned to the employees. And this allowance is subject to CPF/IR8A or not can be set.
  • Loans & Deductions can be set for specified or all the periods.
  • Staff’s salary mode like Bank GIRO / Cash / Cheque can be set.
  • Overtime pay for before increment & after increment can be separately calculated.

Pay Slip:

  • Pay slip can be printed in the concealed pay slip or A4 size paper.
  • Break up details for Overtime Pay, Allowances, Deductions, MVC (Monthly Variable Component) is shown the pay slip.
  • CPF information is shown in the Pay Slip.
  • Annual Leave & Medical Leave taken for that month and whole year can be shown in the pay slip.

Online Bank GIRO:

  • Employee’s salary information can be submitted to the major banks via BANK GIRO TRANSFER.

Leave Module:

  • Annual Leave, Medical Leave, Unpaid Leave, Maternity Leave, etc can be applied.
  • Leave Eligibility can be set for different group of employees.
  • Annual leave & Medical Leave earned until today will be pro rated automatically.
  • Auto calculate Child care leave eligibility based on the children details as per MOM rules.
  • At end of the year Annual Leaves can be carry forwarded to next year.
  • Leave History & Leave consolidate report to view all kind of leaves taken.


  • CPF calculations for Singaporeans & PR holders can be done automatically based on the latest government rules.
  • CPF can be paid to the CPF Board Monthly or Bi Monthly.
  • On line CPF Submission: CPF details can be submitted to CPF BOARD via CPF PAL or CPF LINE.

IR8A / IR21:

  • IR8A details can be generated at the end of the year. System will automatically include the whole year salary & other information to IR8A forms for all the employees.
  • Before printing, necessary amendments can be made on the IR8A / IR21 Form for individual employee.
  • Final IR8A / IR21 forms can be printed for submission.
  • IR21 forms can be generated, if an employee resigned in mid of the financial year.
  • Auto Inclusion: Online submission of IR8A, IR8S, APPENDIX A

Fund / Levy:

  • All kinds of funds like CDAC, SINDA, MBMF, ECF, etc can be calculated automatically based on the government rule.
  • Foreign Workers Levy & Skill Development Fund can be calculated as per government norms.

HR Module:

  • Carrier Tracking: Employee’s Increment, Promotions, Department or Designation Changes can be recorded and can be generated as report.
  • Staff Training: Employees past, current & future training records, training cost, cost paid by company & employee, training amount claim from SDF or other agencies and remainders.
  • Staff Insurance: Employee's personal insurance & company group insurance details, commencement & expiry date. Remainder for renewal.
  • Staff Accident: Employees accident details during work or outside of company. It helps to make claim with insurance company
  • Company Assets Holding: Company assets like laptop, office key, hand phone, software materials, etc... System will prompt the remainder while the employee resigns.


  • Pay slip for individual employees can be printed out at the Mid & End of the Month.
  • Payroll Summary report which shows the Basic Salary, Overtime Pay, Shift Allowance, Deductions, Gross Wage, CPF contribution details and Net Wage.
  • Year to date Report – This report show the month by month pay details of an employee. And month by month total expenditure by the company also can be generated.
  • Other reports like CPF return report, Employee details can be generated.
  • All kind of Fund reports like foreign workers levy report, Skill Development Fund Report, CDAC/ MBMF/ SINDA reports can be generated.
  • Audit Trial Report – This report will show the changes done by all the users, so that the master user can view all the changes done.

Payroll Software Utility:

  • Unlimited number of user’s can be created with different access level setting.
  • Employee salary details can be locked. This avoids accidental changes and protect from other user changes.
  • EP / WP Remainder – This option will remain you the expiry date of Employment Pass / Work Permit of workers.
  • Custom Report writer to design and built your own Payroll reports.
  • Locking Facility: Payroll Administrator can lock the particular Payroll month information's to protect from other network users editing.
  • Backup & Restore Functions.