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A typical Singapore company payslip should have the employee's basic salary, overtime, additions, deductions and employer, employee's CPF (Central Provident Fund) contribution details.

In general the payslip can be printed on a sealed paper or A4 size paper. Our payroll software has the option to send the payslip via e-mail where the payslip will be convert as a PDF document with password protection. Our Staff portal has the option that the employees can view their pay slip from online.

Singapore MOM (Ministry of Manpower) makes it mandatory that all the SME'S must issue pay slip to their employees.

Straits times article:

Now IDA (Infocomm Development Authority) offers 70% grant under iSPRINT scheme for Singapore SME'S. In addition to that 60% cash back + PIC bonus available from IRAS under PIC scheme for the balance amount. So the company investment is 0 to implement the payroll software.

Below is the sample payslip format / pay slip template.

A typical payslip should contain the below details.

1. Employee Basic Salary

2. Additions - Overtime, transport allowance, meal allowance, medical claim, etc...

3. Deductions - Unpaid leave, Advance payment, Employee CPF, etc...

4. Summary - Net Salary this month, CPF contribution this month, Annual leave taken & Medical leave taken.

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