BAS - Biometric Authentication System for BCA-ePSS submission .


BCA (Building Construction Authority of Singapore) has mandated the implementation of Biometric Authentication System (BAS) for building works with Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 5000 m2 or more. It took effect from 1st November 2014. This is mandated under Regulation 10(a) of the Building Control (Building and Productivity) Regulations 2014.

Builders has to submit the Construction Productivity Data obtained from the BAS via ePSS. Turnstiles and railings are required to guide the flow of workers.

Our biometric device & facial recognition device with our Turnstiles perfectly matches the BCA requirement.

Software Features

  • Web based software - Project managers can access it online from office or home via browser & mobile
  • Generates file which exactly required by BCA for online ePSS submission
  • User friendly option for setting up Trade & Trade details as per BCA format
  • Reports to view the employees detail & summary attendance details.
  • Detail & Summary Reports to view Project man hour spent for every projects


Tripod turnstiles are compact and cost-effective for smooth and silent operation with reduced power consumption and wear & tear. It is suitable for areas with high traffic like construction sites and workers dormitary.

Our stainless steel compact version turnstile offers high operating reliability ideal for sites where space is an issue. By receiving a signal from biometric or facial recognition reader it allows the entry of one person in a time.

It comes with independent bi-directional electrical controls for entry and exit. In case of emergency, the tripod horizontal arm will drop to allow free passage.

Turnstile with Biometric reader

turnstile with biometric reader

Turnstile with Card reader

turnstile with card reader

Video - EPSS System

Video - Turnstile with Card Reader

  • fingerprint reader

    Bio Access I (Door Access)

    • Fingerprint Door Access Reader
    • Simple & sleek perfectly fit near to door
    • 3000 fingerprint capacity for one user
    • Fingerprint / CARD / PIN Verification
    • LAN / Internet / Thumb drive communication
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  • face recognition reader

    Face Recognition

    • Face & Fingerprint Recognition
    • Staff can use verify with Face or Finger
    • Colour 3” touch screen
    • 1500 staff capacity
    • LAN / Internet / Thumb drive communication
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