Employee’s - Web portal

Staff portal is web portal where the the employees have access to their own attendance, leave details, pay slip, IR8A forms & their personal particulars. This portal can be hosted at the client server itself and the staff's can access it from office or home via browser or mobile phone.

It is paperless, convenient, faster and smarter. All the employees will have their own username & password to login to the system. And they can able to view their own particulars only.Employee’s can also view their company policies, rules & regulation on leave matters, benefits, etc…


  • The employee's can view their daily IN & OUT timing, lateness, early leaving & overtime. If necessary they submit the application for lateness / early leaving exception.
  • Employee's may submit their overtime request prior or after based on the company requirement.
  • If the employee forget to clock in / out in the biometric system then they can submit their request for exception.
  • Once the employee submit their request an e-mail notification will immediately sent to the approving officer.
  • Once the approving officer approve / reject the above request it will real time link up to our Time Attendance & Payroll System.

E-Pay slip

  • Employees can view / print their own pay slip./li>
  • Company logo, name & address can be added in to the pay slip to make it professional & official.
  • Pay slip can be saved as a PDF document.


  • HR manager can create appointment letter, warning letter, appreciation letter, remainder notice etc... and it can be posted to particular employee or group of employee's
  • Employee's can view their own letters posted by HR manager.


  • Employees can view their personal particulars like address, children details, spouse details, bank account & education details, etc...
  • Employees can change their particulars online and submit for HR manager approval.
  • Once HR manager can approve the electronically, the details will real time link up to our Payroll & HR system.
  • Based on the change in children particulars, our leave system will automatically enable the "child care leave" entitlement based on MOM rules.


  • Employees can view / print their own IR8A form for their reference & filing.
  • The IR8A form is fully compatible & approved by IRAS with the employee's particulars, salary, bonus, CPF,... details.
  • The IR8A form can be saved as PDF document


  • Employees can apply leave online via browser from office / home.
  • Employees can check their current leave application status.
  • Employees are allowed to access their own records only.
  • Employees can view their leave taken reports and print out.